Mother’s Day Family Portraits

Every Mother’s Day I take my mom a nice hanging
basket for her back porch. She loves the flowers but
I know she also loves the pictures of her children,
grandchildren and great grandchildren that are
in her family room. Our family has grown so much,
a lot of little ones, meaning a lot more pictures in
mom’s family room. It is time to update the
Raffensberger family portrait, now that I am a great
uncle again. When was the last time your family
had a family portrait taken? Over the years I have
been so blessed to have photographed so many
families for mothers and grandmothers. If you
have been thinking about having family portraits
done, now is the time, Mother’s Day is just around
the corner. Over the years I have learned that a
mother will always love pictures of her children,
grandchild and great grandchildren.

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