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Raffensberger Photography & Framing offers exceptional high-quality custom framing with more than 3000 corner samples to choose from, options for acid-free mats and backers, and conservation clear or museum quality glass. Attractively protect any family heirloom, artwork, or photograph from dust, UV rays, and the acids in common mounting materials, all of which encourage your treasures to fade and degrade. In addition traditional framing, your unconventional projects, such as sports jerseys, letter jackets, shadow boxes, multi-opening mats, record album covers, baseball cards, masks, plates, brittle heirloom photographs, stretched canvases, un-stretched canvases, and valuable collector’s artwork, are in good hands at Raffensberger Photography & Framing. With more than 30-years of experience in custom framing, Neal Raffensberger is as adept at choosing the perfect complementary frame and mat colors for your artwork as he is at finding a creative solution for whatever extreme framing challenge you throw his way.

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What is the price?

Frame: Frames are priced by the foot, and each frame has a different price point. Size is the biggest factor in the cost of custom framing. For example, a molding that is one inch wide cut 10″ X 10″ would take four feet of molding. If the frame is $10 a foot the retail price for just the frame would be $40.

Glass: Glass is also based on size and what type of glass or glazing is used in the frame. We offer Conservation Clear glass that offers 99% UV protection as a standard, as well as Museum Glass that also offer 99% UV Protection and has amazing clarity. It looks like there is no glass at all. For example, a 10″ x 10″ Museum Glass would be $28 and Conservation Clear Glass would be $12

Matting: We offer hundreds of matting options from acid-free solid color mats to fabric mats. The cost is based on what mat type is used and as always what size is needed. For example, a 10″x10″ opening with a 2″ border would make the mat outside dimensions 14″x14″. An acid-free mat 14″x14″ would cost $13 for single mat. Double matting or even triple matting can enhance the art but you do pay for each layer of matting.

Mounting/Backing: Mounting is how the artwork stays in place inside the frame and backing is what supports the art from behind. Photos, posters and prints, in most cases, would need to be dry-mounted to foam core. This bonds the art to the foam and keeps the art flat, as well as keeps it from sliding or moving inside the frame. Signed and numbered prints should be museum mounted with acid-free foam core using acid-free corner mounts. Autographed photos/art can also be  museum mounted to help it hold its value. Depending on the art, there are several other ways to mount artwork. Price is based on size and what mounting technique is used. For example, a to dry-mount to foam core a 14″x14″ would cost $12

Canvas Art: Canvas art needs to be stretched on to stretcher bars ( a plain wood frame ). The canvas is stapled to the stretcher frame, then it can be placed into a custom frame of your choice. Canvas art also can be mounted to the stretcher frame with a gallery wrap. A gallery wrap is where the canvas is stretched so the image wraps around the side of the stretcher frame and is stapled on the back. Doing a gallery wrap allows you to hang the art with out a frame or use a floater frame.

Hardware: Hardware is a charge that most consumers don’t think about. This is a small charge ( $7.25 per frame no matter what size ) to cover the cost of glue, hangers, wire, bust cover and pins that hold the corners of the frame together.

Labor: This charge is based on the size of the art, how long it will take to complete the framing order, and the degree of difficulty. For example a simple framing order 14″x14″ would run $18.

Additional Charges: Each framing order comes with different challenges. If you are doing a collage of photos and we need to cut extra openings in matting this would be an additional charge; it simply takes longer to complete. When it comes to framing cloth such as fabric art, letter jackets, or sports jerseys in most cases we sew the clothing to matting and put it in a shadow box frame, and this process will also cost more. It really just comes down to what you want your finished framing project to look like. We are always up for a custom framing challenge.

Turn around Time: In most cases, we can have your custom framing order ready in ten days to two weeks.

Next-Day Custom Framing: It is possible to have your custom framing order ready the next day.  A rush charge would be applied to your order, this covers the cost of getting the supplies in so fast. Need it fast, we can that.

Delivery and Installation Services: Not sure how to hang your new art well we are here to help. We can deliver and install your new art using only the proper hangers. Delivery charges range from $15.00 to $50.00. To hang (install) your framed art starts at $25.00. Hanging more than one piece of art is $50.00 per hour.

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